Managed and stored materials

The Italian Biobank network of Veterinary Resources (BVR) has been recently developed, with the aim to collect and store in proper conditions, several types of biological resources. All samples included in biobank, have been checked in their main characteristics and other specific quality features, in order to ensure their correct identity, purity and to suggest the use. These samples are derived from the activities of the different Istituti Zooprofilattici Sperimentali (IZS). Currently, five IZS contribute to the network, each one with the maintenance of its specific identity and autonomy, with biological resources collected during the activity performed as National Reference Centres of Ministry of Health and OIE Reference and Collaborating Laboratories. In particular, they are represented by the following:

IZS della Lombardia e dell’Emilia-Romagna (

Contact: Dr. Beatrice Boniotti,

IZS delle Venezie (

Contact: Dr. Alda Natale (

IZS del Piemonte, Liguria e Valle d’Aosta (


CEA “BSE biobank”: Dr. Cristina Casalone,
CEROVEC: Dr. Angelo Ferrari,

IZS dell’Abruzzo e del Molise (

Contact: Dr. Manuela Tittarelli,

IZS della Sicilia (


Coordinator: Dr. Annalisa Guercio,
C.R.A.Ba.R.T.: Dr. Santo Caracappa,
C.Re.Na.L.: Dr. Fabrizio Vitale,
C.Re.N.A.: Dr. Vincenzo Ferrantelli,
Ce.Tox.: Dr. Anna Maria Fausta Marino,

Biobank activity is in continuous evolution because new biological resources will be gradually isolated, prepared, controlled and included in biorepository. Information about all collected biological resources can be found by a real time up-dating at the web sites of each IZS. The aim of the Italian BVR network is its expansion not only at National level with involvement of other IZS and Reference Centres of Italy, but also at International level to harmonize and shared quality banking practices, according to the OIE standard requirements and to international guidelines on biobanks. Furthermore, biobank activity will regard not only the collection and sharing of biospecimens with well defined features and associated data, but also the storage of samples from other Institutions that do not have a Biobank infrastructure as back-up security system.